Make Masks

Making Masks for those in need.


Our Story

MakeMasks is a group of volunteers from all over the US, Canada, and the UK. We connected thanks to a call to action online, and once grouped up, got to work. We created backend infrastructure and built a community of incredibly passionate, talented, and rigorous sewists and organizers to make masks and get them to those in need.

We are trying to connect the world for the right cause. Our aim is to provide safety and medical facilities with the money generated by our campaigns.


Our Mission

MakeMasks built our purpose to provide short-term relief during the initial COVID-19 crisis to bridge the gap between PPE shortages and manufacturing ramping up to meet demands. Sewists made and shipped nearly 100K masks to facilities that requested them. We helped hospitals, healthcare clinics, animal shelters and veterinarians, frontline workers, farm laborers, the elderly, vulnerable populations, the incarcerated, daycares, libraries, foodbanks, and a streetcar service.


Our Work Continues

MakeMasks is no longer taking orders. This effort was always intended to be temporary, and so we determined and reached an endpoint as “mission accomplished.” Our masks allowed people who had to keep working stay safer, and most importantly, reached them when no other masks were available.

But our volunteers are taking the knowledge and energy garnered during this incredible push to continue outreach elsewhere. Local efforts. Sewing and yarncrafts. Food insecurity. The environment. BLM. There are so many ways to help. Pitch in and make what feels best in your heart — it’ll do your heart and the world a world of good.

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What Our
Customer Say

I am happy that I am purchasing a product that is focused on the exact same cause that is selling the product—great efforts by the entire team.
This is my go-to place to shop for masks if I need a different mask for every situation I plan to attend.
I would encourage more companies to come up with initiatives like these that will help the population fight back coronavirus.