About Us

The word grassroots is bandied about a lot these days, so we’ll unpack what we mean. MakeMasks is a group of volunteers from all over the U.S., plus a few from Canada and the U.K. (hi guys!). We found one another through the magic of the internet, and once connected, mobilized to form infrastructure and build a community. We are the bridge that connects high quality hand-sewn masks to the facilities who have requested them. MakeMasks has no affiliates, no board members, and no hidden agendas. What we do have is an incredibly passionate, talented and rigorous group of volunteers who work with common, urgent purpose: to make masks and get them to those in need. The best way you can help us achieve that goal is sewing with us or spreading the word to anyone who knows how to sew. We have thousands of orders to fill and can’t do it without you. We’re in this together. And together we’re making a difference.